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Hello friends in pjs! 

You all know this situation I'm sure - you're out taking just a random walk and then you see something you'd just love to share on your Instagram, or your blog, but guess what, your DSLR is at home (facepalm) and no matter how good your phone camera is it will never produce as good of a result as your DSLR. And we all know that putting average looking photos on your Instagram is practically a social suicide. You might as well just delete your account now. Well, that was true until now! Meet the magnificent - Bomgogo

Okay, I know you're thinking that I'm an absolute lunatic right now, and I'm making up words, but Bomgogo has changed my life, my friends in pjs, and on some level saved my poor damaged back from shlepping my DSLR. So, this Sunday I was doing my most favourite thing of all, walking my dog. Now, my dog might be very small, but boy he's feisty and he walks me rather than me walking him. Soo, we went on for a walk, together, and  there's absolutely no way for me to wrestle with my DSLR and take shots while walking with the little rascal, it's a mission impossible! However, I still wanted to capture magnificent autumn in my hometown. No need to compromise! I just popped my Bomgogo Go Vision L6 Combo Lens to my Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S and voilĂ  I have a DSLR quality straight on my phone anytime, anywhere, and, what's best, for a fraction of a price. It couldn't be any better! 


Let me tell you a bit about Bomgogo lens kit. The kit is super cool because it lets you have professional camera quality in the simplest of ways by upgrading your existing smartphone camera. In the lens kit you get a variety of different lenses and filters to take you Instagram photo game to the next level without breaking the bank. All you need to do is pop the L6 lens to your phone by clipping it to your phone camera, and no it won't damage your phone, it won't make a scratch. And yes, it works with any phone. It worked just perfectly with my Xiomi Mi Mix 2S.

As you might have noticed I love taking photos of architecture, basically of buildings, streets, sometimes even interiors, the problem I have is that non of my two DSLR lenses is really good for that, I've been postponing investing in an wide eye lens because it's just so expensive. Well, until I tried Bomgogo L6 wide angle lens that allows me to take pretty awesome shots. This lens is ideal for when you're close the the object you're photographing and you want to fit as much as possible in the shot without having to move further away, which often is just not an option, especially in old towns where streets are small and narrow. The wide angle lens will let you capture wide angles allowing you to fit more beautiful scenery in your shots even when you're standing very close to your object.

Another really useful feature of the Bomgogo L6 wide angle lens is that it comes with a variety of filters what you can simply add to your lens allowing you to adjust your photo taking game to different light conditions. The filters not only let you get the best out of your images, but they help you change the atmosphere of one same scene. In the example below, the first shot is taken with the Star filter that basically creates magical atmosphere, it's ideal for night shots, as well. The CPL filter dims the lighting a bit and helps with filtering harsh daylight, while ND8 filter helps you create a bit more mysterious atmosphere and should be amazing when photographing water. The result is obvious, practically one same image with completely different mood. 
One of my favourite features in the kit is the macro lens. Now I'm not much for macro photography, but using this was just super fun. Say goodbye to buying wallpapers for your phone and just make your own. With the macro lens you'll be able to see different things up close and see them in a totally new light. And yes, this flower up close that you see below is my new wallpaper - be original, people! 

 The Bomgogo L6 lens kit totally changed my photo taking game, it's super simple to use, it's super small and easy to transport. It comes in a small bag that I can easily pop it in my handbag, it's with me always not letting me miss capturing those beautiful moments and lovely sceneries I see around. If you'd like to give Bomgogo L6 lens a try you can visit their website here and order yours at 18% discount with this code - PMINPJS. Slay your Instagram game, that's what it's about ;) 

Alright friends in pjs, that's it for this week, i'm off to play with my little rascal and capture our walks now even for social media and my blog. 

Have a good one!

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18% off DISCOUNT code for L6 Combo Lens, L6 and 37mm filter: PMINPJS
My phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S here

All photos are taken with Xiao Mi Mi Mix 2S and Bomgogo GoVision L6 Combo Lens.

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