Fall Recharge in Rajski Konaci

Hello friends in pjs! 

I'm sure you'll all been here, working on multiple projects, you keep moving from one to the the other, while this can go on quite successfully for a prolonged period of time, at some point you will crash, and quiet possibly burn out. I've been working on 4 projects lately, 2 work projects, 1 weekend project and the pminpjs.com blog. Now, I'm pretty used to shuffling multiple things at a time, but this was a bit too much even for me. In order to avoid the burnout that I felt was coming,  I just new I needed a quiet place to detox my mind and reset, so I found it - Rajski Konaci.

Rajski Konaci is a heavenly properly located 2 hours away from Serbian capital Belgrade, it's right in the heart of Serbia's most beautiful area - Sumadija. This family run properly aims to preserve the authentic atmosphere of a traditional Serbian household typical for this region. It combines the best of the old world quiet, mindful life and modern world with modern equipped facilities. 

There are 7 cottages here that you can rent An interesting thing is that the cottage we stayed in used to be a barn back in the day and today it has been fully restored and refurbished. It has a lovely living space, bedroom and a luxurious sauna to help you reset you body and mind. Also, there is a lovely terrace for you to relax in fresh air and enjoy a book, for example.

The properly offers a wonderful garden where, in warm days, you won't be able to hold back but walk barefoot. It's an ideal space for doing some yoga and even meditation. You will be able to quiet down your mind and connect with nature and your inner self. For me the best thing about this property was the wonderful seating area with a magnificent view of the beautiful hills, you can enjoy your meals here while taking in the scenery. Being in the moment, will replenish your soul and reset you tired and busy mind. 

 Now that we're on the topic of having meals, Rajski Konaci take pride in their slow food philosophy of preparing and serving traditional Serbian, organic food. Every thing you will enjoy here in terms of food will be locally sourced, fresh and good for you. Another, wonderful thing is that the lovely staff is quite flexible in terms of when and where they will serve your food, so if you're an early riser, don't worry, you won't miss your breakfast. 

If you're from Serbia, you know that a household is not really a household if they don't produce their own snaps, or rakija, how we call it here. This oh so important nectar of gods is probably how all friendships and long lasting memories are made in Serbia. Rajki Konaci know this so well and they make their own rakija, while we stayed there plum rakija was being cooked. Not only that you can appreciate this process, you could even learn how to make your own. 

 Nature around Rajski Konaci properly is very beautiful. You will definitely be able to enjoy a nice hike, this would be an ideal hiking location, especially for not so advanced hikers as the hills are not very steep. And if you're not really feeling being active I'm sure you won't have any issues entertaining yourselves just enjoying and relaxing at the property and meeting some nice people. 

As I mentioned earlier, this little ethno village is a family run, while you're here I'm sure you will meet some of the family members and enjoy a nice talk. If you do, you will learn that this family has spent many years in Italy and decided to bring some of the Italian spirit and style and connect it to Serbian tradition and voila, that's how this lovely property was born. 

So, Rajski Konaci is an ideal location for you to reset and recharge, to reconnect with your inner-self in piece and quiet and reconnect with the nature. You will learn the old way of life and the importance of slowing down and being in the moment. 

I definitely reseted my mind and body and came home fully refreshed and ready for my daily grind. 

If you want to book your stay, you can do that here or by contacting Rajski Konaci team on their website, or just giving them a call at +381 64 40 51 793. 

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