An Enjoyable Workation at Morkin House

Hello friends in pjs! 

We all work hard, don't we? And we all give our maximum during a work week to complete our duties as fast and as efficient as possible, however, I'm sure you've all been in the same situation like me - taken a project that just didn't get enough attention during the week, which means having to spend the weekend working away!!! Total nightmare, right? Wrong! If you had asked me this a couple of weeks ago, I'd say that's a disaster, however, friends in pjs, it can't be further from the truth now when you can spend your weekend having a fantastic workation in even more fantastic place - Mokrin House

Now, what the heck is workation you must be wondering. It's basically when you have to work during a weekend, for example, but you decide to have a bunch of džindžovas while working away next to a pool. Clear now? Alright, I guess you must be wondering what a džindžova is, well, it's a cocktail created by masterminds of Mokrin House which consists of larger quantity of gin (džin in Serbian), a splash of edelflower syrup (zova in Serbian) and I was told there's some soda in it, but I don't believe them. So, džindžovas my friends, that's where it's at. 

So, it's time to explain the important thing, where is Mokrin and what in the world is this Mokrin House. Well, Morkin House is only the most fantastic coliving/coworking place located in a little village Mokrin located in the North of Serbia. What makes Morkin House so fantastic is that it's most definitely the most productivity and tranquility boosting place. You'll leave not only with your task list fully completed, but also rested and with a new family.  Let's start explaining why it's so special. 

Morkin House consists actually of 5 houses, each a beautiful masterpiece of imaginative and functional design that nods and shows respect to the history of the houses that were restored and adapted for the modern purposes. It's an absolute feast for the eyes and the soul to spend time in this carefully, beautiful crafted and thought out spaces. 

Mokrin House offer lovely accommodation units. My personal favourite were the rooms in house A, spacious, full of beautiful light and wonderfully designed. All distractions are removed from the room so that you feel relaxed and at peace and get a good night sleep on the comfiest beds. You'll enjoy the silence of the little village and wake up refreshed. I sure did. Besides, lovely accommodation, Morkin House team takes care of their guests by providing them three exquisite, home cooked meals. And mind you, not any meals, but organic, locally grown food that's delicious and good for you! Can you imagine that even the bread is made from scratch, and when I say from scratch, I mean that wheat is produced locally and turned into flour on a mill just around the corner, the flour is then used to make bread by hand. Literally from scratch!!! 

Besides not having to worry or even think about what and when to eat, you'll be able to focus on your work in one of the coworking spaces that are perfectly equipped to make you efficient and productive, plus, chances are you'll meet some likeminded people and learn something new or get help. The only thing that might keep you away from focusing on your work is sunshine, beautiful garden and a pretty awesome pool. Discipline people! Without much to worry about and a few distractions you'll be able to finish your work and enjoy  džindžovas by the pool, as well. 

Mokrin House is a just an amazing place, a world of its own, but it's not the stunning design, comfortable accommodation, beautiful garden, pretty kick-ass pool and delicious food that make it so special, it's actually the people. Here, they say, you'll leave with a family, which I though was the worst marketing cliche. However, when you catch yourself eating each meal and a large table full of lovely people, laughing and sharing stories and when you go on a long, adventurous bike ride exploring the village with the same group of people and spend your evenings sitting in the garden enjoying a glass of wine laughing with them, you'll know that you made a new family.

So, fellow digital nomads, freelancers, friends in pjs, Mokrin House is truly an ideal location for any of you who need to relax, meet wonderful people and get some work done. Grow and learn from other likeminded people and hit that sweet spot of work and life balance, be it for a little weekend or months.

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