Exploring Tel Aviv Neve Tzedek Neighbourhood

Shalom aleichem friends in PJs! 

Every couple of weeks I set on sun seeking expedition, most of the time my pursuit leads me to sunny Israel. Each visit warms up my body, my soul and, let's not full ourselves here, my belly. My workation lasted for about a month this time again where I travelled the country and got to know the culture better, still Tel Aviv remains my favourite. So, let me take you today on a little tour of my favourite Tel Aviv neighbourhood - Neve Tzedek. 

Neve Tzedek is one of Tel Aviv's oldest areas, it's so old, that funny enough, it existed even before the city itself. Neve Tzedek is the first Jewish neighbourhood to be built outside of the ancient walls of Jaffa port back in 1887; The residents who built this area constructed low-rise housing along narrow streets which are preserved to this day. Artisans and local artists started settling in this area in 1900s. Sadly, mid 20th century Neve Tzedek area took a wrong turn, right at the time when Tel Aviv was booming, and its residents begun to migrate to more luxurious Northern areas of Tel Aviv. At some point Neve Tzedek neighbourhood was turned into slums and the area was almost demolished, however,  in 1980s efforts were made to restore this area and preserve century old buildings. Today, thankfully, this lovely neighbourhood is in its full glory with lovely artisan shops at every corner, charing cafes and  restaurants. 

So what to do in Neve Tzedek today you must be wondering. Well, get fabulous and head on for a little walk, make sure your credit card is on you because I'm sure you're gonna need some dollars, or shekels rather, you know what I mean. Neve Tzedek is home to many little designer stores, you can get fantastic clothes with a touch of telavivian relaxed cool, lovely hand made jewellery, my favourite was Shlomit Ofir who's jewellery is just amazing. Also make sure to purchase art, maybe paintings, sculptures or at least have a little peak at it, all the good stuff is here. 

Naturally, no visit would be complete without a coffee break, thankfully, in Neve Tzedek there are lovely coffee shops at every step, I can't pick a favourite, I'd say they're all fantastic, and after all you're in Israel, coffee and food are just amazing here everywhere, you can't possibly make a bad choice.  

  To work or not to work in Neve Tzedek area, hmmmm, I'd say no. Although, in Tel Aviv you'll find someone working almost everywhere, that's Tel Aviv to you, hustle your way to the top. But as far as Neve Tzedek area goes, I'd say, this area is mostly touristy and not very work friendly if you're one of those people, such as myself, who need a bit of quite to focus. If you're my boyfriend who has no 
trouble getting into deep state of concentration even on a bus stop, then, absolutely, go for it. 

Alright my friends in pjs, may your work be productive, bed comfy and passport full of stamps. 

I'm leaving you with a little song from local artist from Tel Aviv Static & Ben El Tavorli - Namaste which I had playing on repeat for a mont.

Take care, namaste and till the next little tour

Your PM in PJs.

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