The Most Stylish Greek Island: Mykonos

I got the idea of going to an island while I was staying in Zlatar and it actually started snowing in the beginning of October. I realized then that I was not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet, so I booked the plane ticket and a hotel and set off to Mykonos a few days later. To be fair I didn't know much about Mykonos except that's it's very pretty, I also thought the name of the island sounded exotic, I know, not the best way to pick a destination, and so there I was on an island in the middle of October. And it was the best idea ever, come on, October in a bikini, doesn't get any better than that.

Mykonos is one of the Cycladic islands in the Aegean Sea, it's a rather small island, it occupies only 85 square kilometres. Believe it or not, I had no idea that Mykonos is a major party island, thankfully, October is pretty quiet, which is right up my alley. I feel October is an ideal time to go for a peaceful holiday, romantic getaway or honeymoon on this island. You still get to enjoy amazing weather and the stylishness of this island. And let me tell you if anyone knows anything about style and luxury it's the people in Mykonos. I stayed in the "capital", I know so funny for an island this size to have a capital, Chora, which means town in Greek. The Mykonos town is L-O-V-E-L-Y! And soo Instragramable :D It consists of gorgeous, small, white buildings with the legendary blue and turquoise doors and shutters, these colors contrast so wonderfully the dusty color of the island itself, and compliment amazingly the deep blue color of the sea. It's truly magnificent! The streets of the town are small, narrow and very intimate, it's so much fun discovering the little streets that are full of amazing restaurants, cute cafes and little shops. A fun fact about Mykonos town is that apparently there are pelicans casually walking the city from time to time, so watch out for the feathery, pink friends while taking a walk. I'm telling  you, everything is sooo picture-perfect on this island! There's also a lovely old port where you can enjoy a nice walk or a meal, however for me these restaurants are a bit too touristy, so I skipped those. 

It's also a good idea to rent a car and drive around the island, now the truth is you can't really go that far, basically you can walk the whole island in 4 hours, but if you wish to discover beautiful beaches I definitely recommend renting a car. Also, if you do take a drive make sure to play Mykonos Venus radio, because like everything else on the island, music on this radio station is just perfect for that stylish atmosphere. Alright, back to the tour, unlike Santorini, Mykonos has dreamy sand beaches, my personal favourites are Elia, Kalafatis and Panormos. I mean the beaches are amazing! The benefit of visiting Mykonos during shoulder season is definitely that the beaches are deserted which, in my opinion, is great! You can still enjoy lying in the sun and swimming, now to be honest, it's not boiling hot, but it's perfect weather if you ask me.

I mentioned earlier that everything in Mykonos was perfection, but food was by far the best food I have tasted in my life. I wanted to take pictures of everything I put in my mouth during those two weeks, but I feel that would be tad inappropriate, so you'll just have to take my word for it. An amazing breakfast location for me was The Liberty Breakfast Room, truly magnificent view and the food is just amazing, I loved their poached eggs and savory pancakes and the coffee was outstanding. If you're feeling less fancy and in the mood for simple lunch, do try Jimmy's Gyros, his slogan says it's the best gyros on the island, I dare say it's the best in the country! For a romantic fine dining experience Katrin is the location, the food is prepared with so much attention and love that it can't even help, but taste fabulous. The steak was so well prepared, it literally melts in your moth. If you're on a budget, because when it comes to eating out, Mykonos is pretty pricey, we loved the burger in El Burro, don't know what they did to that burger, but that was possibly the best one I have ever had and it was pretty decently priced, not cheap though, nothing on this island is cheap, but reasonable. And finally for the ones with the sweet tooth N'ice Cream was divine! We made it our business to visit this place several times and we tried everything, and I mean everything, many different flavors of ice-cream, souffle, mini cakes, I mean everything, and honestly, I can't recommend anything, because it was all outstanding, so just feel free to pick whatever, because it will definitely taste divine! I could rant about the amazing food for days I think. I don't know what is it about this island and the food there, but it's at least one level above anything else. 

Alright, takealookers, if you're debating whether to go to Greek islands in October, don't hesitate for a minute, because it is a great idea! I definitely recommend Mykonos if you enjoy peace and quiet and bit of luxury. Next week we're going to a slightly different, but neighbouring location. 

Thank you for dropping by and if you need more tips or have a question, drop a comment.

have a good one!

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