A Cruise of Magnificent River Uvac Meanders

Hello takealookers!

This week's post is probably more special for me than any other, simply because I was so taken by the beauty of the river Uvac meanders, also, I enjoyed taking the photos of the scenery and editing the shots more than ever before. I don't mean to be pretentious or anything, but I think these are the best photographs I have ever taken and produced. Anyway, enough bragging, let's get to the tour.

So, as you might have already realised, the topic of today's post is the visit to the magnificent meanders of the river Uvac. The river Uvac is 119km long, trans-boundary river flowing in Serbia and crossing into Bosnia. The river is a natural border between the two countries. In Serbia it flows between mountains Zlatibor and Zlatar where the canyon of the river creates magnificent meanders. The meanders are like a maze that in some sections turn at the angle of 270 degrees. Looking from above the zig-zagging of the emerald green water leaves you in the awe of the power of nature. It is truly amazing how the crystal clear water reflects the surrounding hills, trees, clouds and creates a magical play of colors and movement. The scenery is utterly surreal, one from a dream and definitely the most striking natural creation I have ever seen. I visited the area in early October,  and fall created even more beautiful atmosphere of lovely greens and golden yellows of the trees, deep blues of the sky and emerald of the water. It's really something from a fairy tale.

For my visit, we set on a boat cruise down the river which was a wonderful experience itself. Our lovely guide Katarina, informed us that Uvac today is a special nature reserve that hosts unique plant and animal spices. There are 140 different spices of birds living in the reserve, however, the most notable are Griffon Vultures which are the symbols of the reserve. Griffon Vulutes faced extension on the territory of Serbia, however, they were successfully bread to 500 pieces that live in the reserve today. You can find these impressive birds scouting over the canyon. As part of the tour we docked and had a little hike in order to see the panoramic view of the meanders where we experienced Griffon Vultures flying quite close above our heads. Seeing them so up-close is truly breath-taking as their wing span is around 2.5m which makes them rather larger birds and impressive in that when they're flying they're barely moving their wings, but rather they they glide relying on the air currents. Seeing them soar above the canyon and so close to us was an amazing experience.

As if this wasn't enough, as part of our tour we visited the Ice Cave. This was an interesting experience as the cave can only be reached by a boat so everything felt a bit more special. The cave is 2500m longs, but it's mostly unexplored and not touristy, we felt like quite the explorers when we were handed the lamps to light our way into the unknown. With a mix of fear and desire to see something different we set of into the cave and were we impressed! We discovered only 600m of the cave and feasted our eyes on the natural stalactite and stalagmite sculptures and other wonderful cave decor.

Alright takealookers, that's where we end out little tour of Serbia, for now.
I'm not gonna say a word more, enjoy the virtual tour and do make some room in your schedules to go and see this nature's grandiose creation.

Till next week when we move to one amazing little island,
have a good one!

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