Productivity Week in Kopaonik

About 5 years ago I started working in a remote only company. Since then I moved on to my second fully remote job and I love it. I remember back when I first started working from home it seemed unreal and I remembered sort of this shame I felt when I'd tell people that I worked from home, as many didn't consider such job a 'real' job. Anyway, fast forward 5 years, here I am and I could not be happier with the work I do and the freedom it gives me. Today, I definitely revised my work situation from 'working from home' to 'home flexible'. Now, let me explain that a bit better, once I finished my studies, I realized that given the nature of my work, it makes no sense to tie myself to a location, so I gave up the flat I was renting, dumped my stuff at my parents' place, packed my suitcase and hopped on a flight. I've been doing this for a few months now and I love it! 

As part of my home-flexible, remote worker lifestyle, I discovered that cities tire me, distract me and make me not productive enough, so I decided to retreat to the mountains every now and again, get some fresh air and get some serious work done and Kopaonik was the location for that. I was never the one to enjoy a passive holiday, so brining work and sort of a holiday situation together works wonders for me.

Kopaonik is located in the Southern part of Serbia. Its highest peak is located at 2017m which makes it the highest mountain in the country and an ideal skiing location. During warm September days this means clear beautiful skies, warm sunshine and lots, and lots of green trees. It means peace and quiet for maximum productivity and good rest. I rented a really nice flat in Villa Milmari which was very comfortable and had an amazing view, I can definitely recommend this one. Also the villa has a big brother Milmari Resort which has a real nice spa with a dreamy view of the surrounding mountains. You can enjoy a nice swim in the outside pool and warm up nicely in the sauna or the steam bath. Anyway, makes for a nice way to spend the evening or the day. 

I spent my days mostly working, did I mention my hours are also flexible, I know, I have the best job in the world and no, I'm not a full time blogger. :) The rest of the time I spent hiking and taking in the nature. A must do in Kopaonik is going all the way up to Pančić's Peak, naturally you can hike there or if you're short on time, like me, you can grab a ski lift, and let me tell you this, the view from there is breath taking! Also, I swear this is the place where all the silence and clouds live. It very peaceful and quiet, I still regret not bringing a blanket and setting up a camp there for at least a day. So, if you're like me home flexible, or just looking for a nice holiday location to recharge the batteries, Kopaonik could be it for you.  

On my way to and back from Kopaonik I did a bit of sightseeing. I visited the 12th century monastery Studenica located in central Serbia on my way to Kopaonik. The monastery itself is an impressive construction located on a hill and surrounded by a lovely garden.  The whole complex will seriously leave you speechless. The insides of the monastery are decorated with beautiful frescos that were, at the time of my visit, being restored as they were badly damaged in a fire and then further destroyed by incorrectly conducted restauration. Studenica also holds the relics of St. Simeon, the former Serbian emperor, in an impressively handcrafted casket. Finally, I visited 13th century monastery Žiča on my way back to Belgrade. The monastery was built by Serbian king Stefan the First-Crowned. The Rascian architecture and the bright red color of the monastery will leave you in awe. There's a lovely garden on the monastery grounds so you'll enjoy the beautiful flowers and greenery.  

Alright, takealooker, that's it this week. Next week we move on to a different location. Hope you're having a productive week, and if not, run to the mountains :)

Thank you for dropping by and have a good one!

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