Under the Clouds of Kazbegi

Hey there takealookers!

In this week's post we are continuing the Georgian adventure. I'm taking you to a slightly different scenery than the usual urban areas. We're gonna take a little walkie talkie under the clouds of Kazbegi. So, let's go!

Now, if you find yourself in Georgia a must-see and must-visit is definitely the mountains. Guys, the nature in Georgia is seriously something else. Taking a hike in the Kazbegi National Park which is located on the southern slopes of Caucasus mountain range must be a special experience. I say must be, as my lazy persona didn't take a hike, but I did take a nice guided on wheel tour, which was immensely fun and I didn't break a sweat. 

We started our Kazbegi tour from Tbilisi on the worst of the days in terms of weather, rainy, damp, cold and cloudy, but you work with what you've got, right? Despite of the horrific weather, we very soon discovered how breathtaking Kazbegi nature is and the cloudy weather created the atmosphere of mystery which made the whole experience a bit more mystical. 

The ride to Kazbegi took around 4 hours from Tbilisi. Out first stop was the 13th century castle Ananuri (pictures above) which is included the UNESCO World Herritage Site program. Besides the beautiful architecture of the castle and the two churches on the site, Ananuri leaves you breathless by the view on the Argvi river. The contrast of colours of the green bluish river, deep green surrounding trees and the brick color castle creates a memorable scene. To top it all off the cloudy weather added to this to create a magical scenery. 

From Anauri our journey continued further up the Mount Kazbegi where we took many, many stops just to admire the beautiful nature and enjoy some crisp fresh air. Sadly, due to poor visibility we couldn't really enjoy the amazing view fully. In Stepantsminda, a small village on the banks of the river Chkheri, we hired a jeep driver to take us to the Gergeti Trinity Church. The locals specialise in jeep tours and they will take you to the peek which is reachable only on foot or in a jeep. 

 Gergeti Trinity Church was built in the 14th century. It is located on the top of the steep mountain, completely isolated and surrounded by mountain ranges and greenery. Sadly, the visibility from the Gergeti Trinity Chruch was rather poor, we were fully surrounded by clouds and fog so picture taking was futile. Still, you have to take my word for it, the experience was amazing, if for nothing else but the rocky jeep drive and the most amazing wild flowers. 

Alright takealookers, I hope you enjoyed a slightly different view this week. I also hope it inspires you to visit Georgia and explore it yourself. 

Next week we continue into a slightly warmer more exotic island location. 

Enjoy your week! 

Have a good one!

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