A lovely visit to Café der Provinz

Hello takealookers!

Today's post was really easy to write as I feel the pictures speak for themselves.
One of my favorite things to do around the city of Vienna is to discover new places that offer great coffee and desserts. I enjoy it even more when such places are a bit secluded, hidden gems, so to speak.

So, today's post is about one such hidden gem - Café der Provinz.
It's clear from the name that this is a French style café which is located in the heart of one of Vienna's most beautiful districts, Josefstadt. This lovely place offers wonderful latte art. Coffee here not only tastes great, but looks amazing, as well. Café der Provinz is known for its amazing waffles and crepes. I have to admit that this time I was totally in favour of waffles as they were really tasty and beautifully presented. Another upside of the desserts in this café is that all the products used are organic (Yaaay! Healthy and tasty!).

There it is, Café der Provinz, I won't say anything more about it, go and experience it yourself.

Have a great weekend, takealookers! Eat some waffles, too!



Maria-Treu-Gasse 3
1080 Wien 

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